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Jaden Hannah is a 21-year old Media Specialist from Leavenworth, KS that is skilled in both Photography and Videography.

What sets Jaden apart is not just her technical expertise but her innate ability to connect with people. She goes beyond merely capturing moments; she creates visual stories that resonate with the heart. Her gift lies not only in compiling recap videos and breathtaking slideshows but also in her meticulous editing process, which elevates her media to the pinnacle of quality. Jaden's work isn't just about photographs and videos; it's about crafting memories that clients will cherish for years to come, each frame telling a unique tale. 

Jaden's portfolio extends to a diverse range of events, from the emotional and intimate moments of weddings to the celebratory atmosphere of graduations and various other special occasions. Her lens has a way of capturing the essence of beauty, whether frozen in a still shot or brought to life in a video. Her passion for the art of imagery shines through in every frame she captures, making her an incredible asset to The Play Experience.